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~ Tuesday, April 15 ~

Ridiculous rhymes for cheeky children (and the giggling kid in us all).
A small sample from my ‘Hairy Tails & Beastly Rhymes’ series (a work in progress).
All words, voices, burps, guitars and instruments by me. Apologies for the gross quality of the burps but I was releasing my inner frog.
I’m now looking for animators.

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~ Saturday, April 12 ~

~ Tuesday, March 18 ~

~ Wednesday, March 12 ~

A set of soundscape collaborations.

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~ Sunday, March 2 ~

~ Tuesday, February 25 ~

Imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie.
A remix of my original piece, now with added Dolll (always a great addition).
Look out for Part 2 (Second Storey) later in the week.
Samples used:
‘Snösmälter’ by Jurko Haltuu . ‘Hydrophone Recording of Burning Embers
Underwater’ by Richard Devine.
You can find the original here:
And a video using that track here:

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~ Sunday, February 23 ~
~ Wednesday, January 22 ~

~ Tuesday, January 7 ~

Here’s a sampler for those of you too impatient to sit through it all (that includes us too sometimes!).
And here’s a link to all of The STWB videos so far - teasers, trailers, promo, demos, full length, ‘single’ length.
Music sampler FREELY DOWNLOADABLE. You can find all of the tracks in full here on Soundcloud.
NB There’s my remastered version of Dolll’s wonderful ‘Home Song’ in here too.
Thanks for your encouragement and support.
Barry & Dolll

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~ Tuesday, December 17 ~

The gorgeous ambient guitars of Iohannes
Plus the Snaithilicious treated guitars of The Inconsistent Jukebox
You can hear the original piece here:
While you’re there listen to the rest of Ivan’s beautiful music here:
And Barry’s music here:
and here:

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